Delivery Times / Availability

The time required for delivery can depend on the availability of our products, the delivery option you chose and the country that is being delivered to.

Delivery time = ready for shipment + shipping time

This is the time span that it will likely take until the product can be given to the delivery service. This time span differs between the individual products and will always be shown on the individual products’ page in the "Details" section


When you see “ready for shipment: 6-8 workdays” and have an actual shipping time of e.g. 1-2 workdays, the total delivery time will add up to seven to maximally ten workdays.

Please note: e.g. “Ready for shipment: 6-8 workdays” means that it will take six to eight workdays before the delivery service can pick up the packet from us. This is always the case when we do not have certain products in storage and therefore must order them from the producer first. We can only send the product to you once we have received it.


This is the time the delivery service needs to bring the packet to you. How long it takes depends on the delivery service and the destination. You can find out more about delivery options here.

Our Customer Service is always eager to help you out with any issue you have.