Terms & Conditions

The company under the name The Shopping, located in Kiffisias Avenue 10-12, Maroussi 151 25, VAT 069422339 and Halandriou Tax, welcomes you to online store- Website- The Shopping.gr through which displays, promotes and sells products of suppliers with whom it cooperates.
The provision of services through the website of the company is carried out under the conditions described below and which the user / member fully and unreservedly accepts. Please read and make sure you agree to the following terms of use, as your re-use and browsing in this website implies your explicit and unconditional acceptance.

User / Member

A user, is any website visitor, regardless of whether is a member or not. Every website visitor who registers in it to benefit from its services, is called a member. As for the term services, implies to the right of the member to purchase products available through the website.

Users of the site can navigate freely in it. The services are available to persons over 18 years old. On the other hand, it is not available to any member or user who is suspended or removed from the system of the company for any reason. Each member can have only one active account, which is prohibited to sell, exchange or otherwise transfer to other parties. If registration conditions are not met, as listed on the website, it is not possible to use the service or website.

When a user subscribes, in other words has completed the registration form of membership and accepts that capacity, also accepts and has knowledge of the specific conditions of the use and that any transaction with the company will be governed by these terms and conditions. For this reason, as a member of the company’s services, you are asked to read carefully these terms of use and make use of the company’s services only if you fully accept them. Each member who registers / uses / visits the site is presumed to have knowledge of the terms of use and accepts them fully without exception. The company is entitled to reject any register and / or to discontinue participation in the site without retaining the obligation to provide an explanation for this.


Products sold through the website are intended exclusively for purchase by members and users and not for resale. In case of violation of the above, the user / member is obligated to indemnify the company for any loss.

With regard to the information related to the presentation of the products, the website is provided by the respective manufacturer. The company makes every effort to verify the information published on the website for any errors or inaccuracies, but does not guarantee the correctness and accuracy of this information nor the authenticity of the products for which is solely the responsibility of the manufacturer.

The company reserves any right to correct any errors or to modify or update website at any time without prior notice. As to photographic imaging of the products, some items may slightly differ than in reality, examples include the colors and the fabrics. Finally, the product offers are valid until they run out of the company’s stocks.


The prices on the website include VAT (taxes). These values can be changed by the company without prior notice. In any case, the price which the user / member will pay is the one appeared on the website the time that the order was done.


Once completed and sent the form of the order that exists in the website, the company, if the form has been completed in accordance to the terms of use, will send you an e-mail with your order number, confirming that the order has been registered. The order is binding only if it is accepted by the company which immediately sends the confirmation through an e-mail.

Confirmations are sent by the company and are based on the confirmation that there is availability of the product that has been ordered. In case of stock shortage, the company will contact you within seven (7) days from the date of dispatch of the e-mail confirmation and will either offer you another similar product or cancel the order if you wish, returning your full amount paid for the purchase of the product and for shipping costs.

In case that the order involves more than one (1) products, will be aggregated sent unless it is agreed to cancel the product which is not available to complete the order and continue the delivery of the other products.


For buying products made through the website, the company accepts payment or delivery through your PayPal account which includes the following credit cards: Master Card – Visa – American Express.

In case of COD, the amount will be paid in cash on delivery of the order to the associated courier company.

In case of a credit card, your credit card will be charged after the checking and certification of data and validity is done by the partner company for the execution and clearing of electronic payments via credit card (PayPal). The document (receipt or invoice) will be sent to you upon delivery of your order.

Secure Transactions

PayPal is the online payment services, which is widely used for safe and fast transactions on the Internet. When paying by credit card using PayPal for your transactions with online stores, it offers some clear advantages:

  • Only PayPal is aware of the details of your credit card.
  • The pages of PayPal are all encrypted so there is no potential theft of your personal data or credit.
  • There is no reason to worry about whether the respective online store is reliable or not, since the e-shop receives only the amount of money charged by your order, without ever learning the details of your credit card.
  • The PayPal chooses whether to work with an online store, something which increases the reliability of the e-shop, which you will make the purchase.
  • The PayPal has a department to protect customers from fraud or malicious charges. If there is ever a problem with a transaction, then you can turn to this section, and there is a very high probability PayPal to refund your money in your account.
  • With the use of PayPal for your transactions, you avoid the repetition of entering your data (personal and your credit card). All you need to do is log in your account and c lick on the button to checkout.
  • The PayPal operates in 190 countries with over 87 million active users and can manage universally 24 monetary units. The money that was moved in 2010 from the service exceed to 71 billion dollars.

Generally, the company assumes no responsibility in case of irregular use of credit cards. Since the user / member provides credit, the card indicates consent to charge it with the amount of the purchase made through the website, plus any shipping costs affecting the order. If the transaction with the credit card is declined for any reason by the issuing bank or network of the credit card, some indicatively reasons are like overcoming the credit limit or suspicion of fraud, then the marketing process will not run..

The credit card transactions will be processed through the website of the company using the services of the provider Processing Online payment with which the company works.

The credit card transactions will be processed through the website of the company using the services of the provider Processing Online payment with which the company works.

  • Failure of hardware or software provider of Processing Online payment. If the server which requests the Processing Online payments of the provider stops working, according to the specifications or due to hardware failure (idicatively the damage of hard drives, power supply loss, damage of main memory) or because of any software problems, the user / member will be considered by the company that is not participating in the marketing process.
  • Failure to inform the company to complete the transaction. In case the transaction is committed or charged on a credit card, but the company is not informed through acceptable procedures, then the company will assume that the user / member does not participate in the marketing process. Failure to update your company can exist attributable to the online payment processing provider or Web service supplier.


A. Deliveries are made by associated transport companies.

Courier, in which the company promotes the required for delivery and execution of orders, data of users / members as name, shipping address and contact number. Where you agree to these terms, you consent to simultaneously keeping, processing and transmission of the above statement by the company to the transport company-courier to accomplish the service.

Please always make sure that the delivery address declared in the form of your order is correct.

Deliveries of orders are made within a period as mentioned in the product page, after the confirmation of your order.

Delivery of your order may be delayed for the reasons included in the following:

  • The order you have made at time of the renewal of products appears as available on the website based on the stock in the warehouse of the company but the product you have selected is out of stock. In this case, the company will contact you through telephone or e-mail proposing an alternative product or cancel the order by returning your entire amount paid for thev purchase of the product and transport cost.
  • Due to extreme weather conditions or strikes. In this case, contact will follow through telephone or e-mail with the company to confirm that you still want them to deliver your order after the end of these events or wish to cancel your order. The company then will refund the amount paid for the purchase of product and transport cost.
  • If it is not possible to contact you through telephone or via electronic mail (eg. If a problem occurs in the order, or in connection to the product, or in connection to the payment) as a result of your data entry in the form of the order, which is not correct.

To ensure the credit card holder with which the purchase was done, the products are delivered only to the user / member, who should receive the order in person showing the original identity or passport and the credit card used.

The receipt of the order is prohibited by a third person, unless the user / member in the order form has declared in the data delivery, evidence of that person. Alternatively, the user / member can authorize a third person in writing. And in the case of written authorization, the delegatee should show the above documents in order to complete the delivery of the products.

If no one is authorized to accept and sign for the ordering, a note will be put in your mailbox informing you that your order could not be delivered because of your absence and also about where you will be able to receive your order. If your order is not received within ten (10) days of your order from the place that was suggested in the above note, or whether the delivery was impossible due to incorrect shipping address, the company will return to the user / member the amount of the order paid, but not the amount of transport cost.

If the product is damaged during transportation, please notify the company immediately via e-mail at : support@theshopping.gr.


With regard to any special charges which are expressly provided for the product that has been posted on the website and in any case with the confirmation of your order, generally the shipping costs are as follows:

  • For orders up to a total value of 59.00€ with VAT, shipping costs are 3.00€ with VAT across Greece.
  • For orders worth more than 59.00€ with VAT, shipment is free throughout Greece.
  • The cost of COD is 3.00€
  • For foreign orders the cost begins at 5.00€ and is determined by the completion of your order.

C. Deliveries outside the European Union

For deliveries outside the European Union, in case of a possible inspection by the competent custom authorities, you may be asked to pay duties or additional taxes.

Returns and Refund policy

A. Right of Withdrawal

In all categories of products offered for sale through the website of the company, the user / member has the right to return the product received within 14 calendar days of the date the product was received, without giving reason, and without any refund cost beyond the cost of transportation for the return (courier, transport, mail or other) which will be on the user / member own responsibility and expense (except otherwise provided from time to time by the company as a whole or separately for particular products). The return ofv all products is free from shipping costs, if made within seven (7) days from the receipt of the order, if the products are returned for the first time and if the task is done by the associated courier company. In order for the user / member to be able to exercise the right to withdraw within 14 or seven (7) days, must:

Have not used the product, have not removed any tag or markings on the products and all kinds of products should be returned to their original state without any damage, completely and within the packaging, accompanied by the corresponding documents.

Note that for hygiene reasons, swimwear and earrings are not returned (unless faulty).

B. Defective Products

Although the company in cooperation with the carriers provide to all products (regardless of type), careful and special packaging for protection when shipped, there are rare cases of product defects when reached the user / member. For this reason, please check the products at the time you receive them. If you receive the product without expressing any complains about the products, it means you have received the product unconditionally from our company. But if when receiving the product the user / member finds damage or defect in the product, it should be returned to the courier without any charge. The user / member should then contact the company by e-mail: support@the shopping.gr or through telephone, in order to inform the company for the replacement of the damaged product or to cancel the order (the company will return the amount of money paid). In case of replacement, the user / member will receive an e-mail from the company with the confirmation of the new order, following the same procedures acquired for a new order.

If the product received by the user / member is proven defective by the manufacturer, then you may ask to replace it with a new one or refund. In any case, the defective product must be returned to the company. The user / member should inform the company for the defective product by e-mail at: support@the shopping.gr within 14 days from the date that the product was received.

The user / member is obliged to keep any warranties which accompany the products, otherwise the warranty terms and any relevant provision will not be able to apply, in case the user / member wants to make a repair by the manufacturer or any authorized representative.

C. Cancel Order

The company enables the user / member to cancel the order as long as this has not been invoiced. The cancellation can be made via e-mail at: support@the shopping.gr. In the case that the user / member has already received the order, the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised.

In the event that the user / member wishes a refund, should communicate with the company to provide the Bank, the number of account and the IBAN account in which the amount paid will be returned.


Products are sold through the site and are provided to the company with the warranty from the manufacturers. The responsibility lies exclusively on each individual product manufacturer. The products are sold with the warranty from the manufacturer and the user / member is obligated to keep any warranties that accompany the products, otherwise it will not be possible for the warranty terms and related benefits to be applied, in case the user / member wants to make a repair by the manufacturer or any authorized representative.


The name of the company and/or the name of the site and/or any logos cannot be used by any third party for any reason without specific, prior written permission from the company. The company has the permission and license from the suppliers to use the material, the names and brands of products sold through the site. All the contents of this website, including brands, logos, texts, graphics, photographs and software are the property of the company and protected by the greek and international laws.

Limitation of Liability

The data entered by the user / member of any online form on the website, is safe from any correction or intervention by the company. The company is not responsible for slight negligence, but only for any damage, which is due to intent or gross negligence. The company makes every effort to provide high-quality service, but does not guarantee that there will be no interruptions or errors. The company is not responsible: a. for acts, errors, omissions, violation of guarantees from the supplier / manufacturer, (b). other losses or damages or pecuniary satisfactions and costs which can arise in connection to the services provided by this through the website.

Links of Third Parties at the Site

The company for the convenience of the user / members in its services through the site with the present conditions, can make reference to third party Websites. In this case, the company is not responsible for any content of the linked pages of third parties.

Miscellaneous Terms

The company will not be liable for breach of these terms due to reasons of force majeure, as well as any delays caused by circumstances beyond its control, such as extreme weather conditions, earthquakes, floods, fires, emergencies, disasters, strikes within the Greek territory or outside, wars, acts of terrorism, mechanical injuries and generally, any incident which will not allow the correct execution of orders. The company will take the appropriate steps to meet its obligations within a reasonable period of time.

The company reserves the right to discontinue temporarily or permanently some or all its services without any notice at discretion.

These terms can at any time without any notice, be modified. Applicable are those at the time of your order. Any changes to the terms will be communicated in a short period of time through the website. Users / members have the responsibility to check periodically for any modification to these terms of use. The use of the website, after the above mentioned modification will be deemed as the acceptance of the terms of use after any amendment.

For any clarification about the company and the terms of use of the website, you can contact us by sending an e-mail to: support@the shopping.gr.

Applicable Law - Jurisdiction

These terms are governed by Greek law and in any case, any of them are invalid and/or non-applicable, even some for whatever reason, the terms are not affected by this and will be applicable and have full force and effect. For any dispute that may arise from them, address the courts of Athens.